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Save a life!

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in bitterness
clouded with illusions of regret…

I wish I wish…I continue to wish…but will be nowhere…once my person is needed…after all has been done…then, I will start to wish…

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Thought I could cheat it all…

I wish all could just be well…

without me falling into the well.


I promise to carry on…without thinking I can cheat it all.

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sometimes, i just fold my hands together…while lost in the ocean of thought…thinking, where did we get it wrong as a Nation.

Sometimes, I just try to pretend…while living in illusion…with a troubled mind…thinking, why should we live by this decision…

This is worrisome, seeing every day as a reason to just leave the country…why can’t things just be right…my thought…why should we continue to live this way…my thought.

Nigeria is really in a sorry state right now, I wish the witches won’t hunt my wishes…


I believe there is still hope for the nation, but the elders (old ones) are just doing it all wrong.


Survival of the fittest

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Trying to forget the past…

I thought I have all it takes…

to defeat the past that brings worries to the future of my present.

I thought… I’m just strong enough…to battle with what the past that gave my future to my present being…

The more I try…the more difficult it looks…

The less I try…the more troubled I am…

I am really worried…pained….shamed and sorry (if I am acting below expectation)…

This is never meant to stay forever…I know I am stronger than the present person my past carved…

Tonight, I will get out of this cage…and paint a better future for me.

Trying to forget my past seem difficcult..but will never allow my past to win this battle of ours.


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It can only get better…

Sitting in the dark…

While filled with thoughts

Hoping for the best…

While acting like the rest

Having tried all sort of things…

While still nailed on same old self

It can only get better is all I can tell to you…

Only if you wouldn’t wanna quit.

Yes, it can only get better.

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Just do it…

It may look difficult…if you refuse to act, nothing will change.

Just do It.

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really can’t even describe how excited i was
talking about the very first day…i set my eyes on you

what more can i say (dear)…what song can i sing
just in reference to the excitement hidden within

today definitely is that day…i have always longed after…
here we are…together..standing just to be Husband and Wife

i really appreciate every sec spent with you…just don’t know how best to thank just you.

You mean so much to me dear, you have been such a wonderful friend….and let me spell this out to you…i will live to always make you smile.

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Check this out

Tomade cakes

In some cases, making substitutions or adding one extra element is all you need to make your cake moist and fluffy. Note that your cake can be fluffy and not moist, therefore it is essential you know what you want and how to get it done.

Below are few tips that I have tried and believe might be helpful to you as well:

  • If sugar measurement is not accurate, your cake wonโ€™t be moist. What sugar does is to add moisture, sweeten as well as preserve your cake.

NOTE: There is no unsweet cake, it has to be sweet for it to be a cake, if your clients want an unsweet cake, explain thing to them

  • Use cake flour in place of all-purpose flour, cake flour is flour which has been mixed with corn starch. Cake flour makes your cake lighter and softer.

NOTE: to make the cake flour forโ€ฆ

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Just don’t give up!

You think it’s now…or maybe later

Nothing encourages you to get a lot done…

The more you try, the more you feel so down…

neglecting the fact that…success isn’t just an overnight task

Just don’t up… (I tell to you…)

You can still get a lot done…if only you try to restrategize… (forget the count…while you study where you are getting it wrong)

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