It really matters

you may think those around you do not really matter

you may think the situation of your present environment matters not…


let me give this to you…

EVERYTHING MATTERS….you need to get yourself right and calm your emotions…

you can get whatsoever thing you put your mind to do…all you need is to use all the tools in your present environment to get you to that location you have always been hoping for…



you can do it, I believe that…. Why?

it’s in you

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Is there anything wrong with my world?

had to struggle my way down here
trying my best to beating down the rest
had to get my buckle locked up
while facing my worried and burdned head up
i never knew it could be this tough
trying just to be the perfect person i have always dreamt
the more i try to get myself up…the more i tend to hurt those around..
sometimes, i just feel so lonely and strange..concenred about this new lifestyle of mine
what else can i get right, if i continue to make others around sad…
left alone in my lonely world
thinking of making the world a better place….(for those who care less about my well being)
hmm….what a world I am in.
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I am really scared

Walking down memory lane…this time..during the cause of the darkest of night..
saw a flash light from no where (right behind)…helping to project my shadow so scared and weak…
wondered what this could have meant..but really pained by worries unclear..
i wish i didn’t stand up from the bed though…nature called and i had to listen
shadow shadow why this and that…i muttered till my strength got so weakened
never knew i was getting it all wrong at first
oh it hurts…seeing my shadow WET
walked through this pain..while in the toughest of thought
this really got my very whole normal being
never knew today could come without a before warning..
my shadow is scared of the real me within
couldn’t tame or calm it…while it got so scared…
the more i try..the more it seems frightened
made an approach to resolving us back…but, this always hurt just the more
my shadow is scared of me…without my notice..what else can i do to this (bringing us back together)
i am really scared of my self though.
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everything is just happening today…don’t know if i am progressing or making a regress…
should i then say i am tired of everything…everything the world around is offering..
a good day can’t go without the sound of a bad news…the environment is filled with the blood of the innocent…

sometimes, i just have to pray for a no tomorrow..but, will defintely wanna say….probably tomorrow can still be better..

every now and then is a time to cry…listening to the news which is not ready to be good..seeing scars on the innocent mind…and chains on the weakened souls… makes me feel guilty… ARE WE ALL HUMANS??? (always tempted to ask)

mirror, mirror, mirror….be scared of the people you see on you…
the heart of man is desperately wicked…

how i wish all could just change over night.

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my enemy

checked through the man on the mirror..

asking the questions beyond my weird thought.


my enemy…who are you..i murmured, while trying to take that courage in facing my fears (talk)


the more i try to look at the mirror, the more i see a so called confused being

are you listening, i asked…with all anger written upon my worried face


i am mean, yes …i know that to be a fact…

but, i am just tired of hurting those around me


my enemy is really winning the battle i caused

my enemy can only be found within


hmmm, had to sigh while leaving the man on the mirror…since he tend to be his own worst enemy.


my enemy is me.

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quote of the day

do not settle for anything less

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are you ready to pay the price now?

this is a question we all need to ask ourselves daily

it’s a yes or no question..without having to doubt

so clear a statement..which gives no room for thinking twice..


are you ready to pay the price now…or, prepared to pay double later.


it’s better to pay the price now.

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