to be a disciple of Jesus Christ

to be a disciple of JESUS Christ you have to be a devoted Christian, and also, you must have the zeal to serve your master who is always there for you. To be a devoted Christian you have to have the spirit of serving, you must know how to serve your master best, and you shouldn’t make your self an antagonist, because doing this might result to a great loss, you will just be like a ship that has no captain, a plane without pilot, and you will also be like a lost ship, because you will be empty and of no use. But you still have an opportunity just like the prodigal son who went to collect all his property at the inappropriate time, and did you know what happened to him at last, he became an awful being, also check out this: matt ‘10:37-42’; he that Lovett father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that Lovett son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me…. just check out this, and also check this out also (the great commission) ‘matt 28’. This is what JESUS has recommended for everybody that wants to be his disciple, and if you want to be a disciple of JESUS Christ, you must also be a true worshiper, that can worship both in spirit and in truth, because these are the kind of worshippers that GOD seeks for, so ask yourself this question, are you a true worshipper? Answer this in your mind, and you must not deceive yourself, because deceiving yourself is fooling your self which can also lead to your downfall, so you must wake up and explore yourself, so as to know what you can do best for the body of Christ Jesus. To also be a disciple of JESUS Christ, you must be a person that will not be deceived with all that is going on around, you must also adhere to the instructions been given you by the holy spirit. Check this out (the great commandment)”thou shalt love the lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, this is the first and great commandment and the second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. “matt 22: 37-40”
For you to know what you can do best for JESUS you must first of all discover yourself, in discovering yourself, you must consider these three things in other to discover yourself.
Spiritually: for you to discover yourself spiritually, you have to walk intimately with your creator, in other to know the purpose you are created for, because he is the one that created you, he his also your manufacturer, or have you ever seen a manufacturer of any goods, who doesn’t know the functions of his product, and for you to know your purpose you must ask GOD, “just like a man who just bought a product, which he knows not its function, there will always be a users manual in the pack, but if not, he can still meet with the manufacturer to know how to operate the product he bought from his company”. Also, you must have the Holy Spirit, because, he will be your guidance and your protector throughout your journey with him and also through your lifetime.
Physically: to discover yourself physically, you have to take note of what you love doing best, because this is a clue to you knowing your purpose. If you can study your ability, then congratulations, because you have also known your purpose so therefore continue to enjoy the fruit of your labour in Christ Jesus.
People around you also: the people around you also can also help you in discovering your purpose, because what you enjoy doing most for people and they appreciate you the more can be a clue to you knowing your purpose.
Consider these statements.
Are you a fisherman, JESUS wants you to be a fisher of men.
Are you a farmer, JESUS wants you to gather all the lost sheep in your nation.
Are you an accountant? JESUS wants you to make an account of all those you have shared the gospel with.
Are you a doctor? JESUS wants you to take care of all the lost sheep in your nation.
Are you a teacher? JESUS wants you to teach the gospel throughout the world.
Are you an engineer? JESUS wants you to fix the grudges of those around you.
No matter your profession, you can still be a disciple of Christ, because there is no excuse in heaven, so make sure you use all what you have to serve Christ Jesus.
pro 3:9 honour the lord with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase


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