failure the stepping stone of success

Failure is the stepping stone of success
The more we take steps about our failure, the better for us, because failure is more familiar than success. If you fail in any area of your life, be happy, because you learnt a new way for you to bring out a better result. the question in life is not whether you will experience failure, but how you are going to deal with your failures. If you can deal with your failure, this will be better for you because you will be the one that will enjoy the fruit of your labour. Talking about failure is just like learning or building oneself up, for the forthcoming breakthrough, because there is no breakthrough without failure. If you consider the bible about the prodigal son, he went to his father to collect all his possession at the inappropriate time, and at last he failed, by spending all his money wastefully, and i believe that when he was regretting this, he would have learnt the great lesson of his life, on how to manage the available resources, no matter the quantity. And i believe if this kind of situation comes his way another time, he will know how to control his money, so no matter your age, or your education background, no matter how you work harder, you will still meet up with Mr. Failure, because he his the real stepping stone to success.
Life is not a strait line, but up and down. Failure is part and parcel of life. All fail often and will continue to fail, because if everybody are just succeeding no body will want to share idea with others, and this will result to all been failing, which will not be good for the nature. Did you also know that people take these failures too personal and too seriously and never think of ways of rising above them, and they also allow their failures to limit them.

Failure should be stepping stones rather than stop signs. Abraham Lincoln said “My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are contented with you failure. How about you.


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