heaven or hell

talking about this 2 different thing (heaven and hell) is jut like talking about the place to spend our eternity, and the things you are doing at present determines the place you will spend your own eternity.
Note: both heaven and hell are real, so it is your choice to choose one of this.
God has placed life and death before you, so it is your own right to choose any of this, but it will be better for you to choose life, so that you may live. “this day i call heaven and earth as witness against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. NOW CHOOSE LIFE, SO THAT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN MAY LIVE.” deu 30:19.
most of the things we enjoy doing most, either good or bad can determine where we will stay for eternity, and also, as a wise man, the things we must enjoy doing most must also be what will be of benefit for Christendom.
one of the things man enjoys doing most, and which might later lead to his destruction
LIEING: this is what most people enjoys doing most, as a person you might be thinking that to do away with lie is a difficult thing, but let me tell you, it is easy as anything else. this is just a matter of you mindset, and also the way you think, even some people are even been addicted to lying, know what i mean? they can’t do away with lying, i.e. the can’t live without lying, in fact some people do not even think twice before lying, in this kind of situation, you have allowed Satan to be the ruler of you mind. if you know that this is part of your character, it will be better for you to change, because the day you will be caught, it won’t be an easy thing for you to handle. and also, there is no gain in lying, because the more you lie, the more people will loose their trust on you, and you know, if people looses their trust on you, then nobody will ever want to entrust anything to you, because, it is just like entrusting gold to a thief. and you also know that if people knows you are a liar, they won’t want to have any business with you, in fact they would not even want to associate with you, because they already know your character, i.e. as a liar, who might want to betray them in the later future.
to know how you can do away with this lying of a thing, then read my next post “DOING AWAY WITH THE MAJOR ROOT OF ALL OTHER SIN (LIEING)”.
If you know yourself as a liar, then you should already know where you belong, which is hell.
the main thing or character you should have in other to see God is you been holy, because without holiness no man shall see the lord.
NOTE: “for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our ord.” rom 6:23. just note this sentence, since you already know that the wages of sin is death, then why not do away with this sin, so that you can have eternal life, after accepting the JESUS as you personal lord and savior, even after accepting him, there are also some blessings attached to it, just read my post “THE GOD OF ALL POSSIBILITIES” and also “THE TRUE WORSHIPER”.


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