why must you blame the politicians

You reading this post might first of all think maybe i am a politician of course no, i am a student, but what baffles me most is that any bad thing that might happen to this country, we start putting all the blames on the government (politicians).
Well for crying out loud it is of course nt their fault.
This will surely be the next question in ur mind. The fault is surely from the youths, as a matter of fact, there can be a lasting solution to every calamity in this country, no matter the solutions that re on ground, infact which re even already ignored, but the solution i thought of was that; during our teenage ages, we start recognising our capability, nd also what our friends re gud at, taking note of this, u might hv a friend that has the ability of becoming a gud leader, just try encouraging this ur friend, so has to help him in achieving this, i.e to be a leader, it might be of any position.
It will be better if a lion is been tamed right from its childhood, that also goes to the teenagers. So right from their teenage age. They should hv learn a lot of meaniful things, the things that can build up a better nation, that will also build up their moral. hmmm, i even does wonder that yet in this generation, their re still some youths who re saying: i too i don’t pray for the development of this country, i shall also eat the fruit of her labour, WHAT A SHAMEFUL THOUGHT, so if most of the teenagers has this kind of mind, the the question is that WHOSE FAULT, u or me?


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Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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