the language of education now in the whole entire world

Hmm, talking about life in higher institution is entirely a diiferent case, becos that is surely where most of all that will be the future leader are been trained, infact after life in higher institution, it is surely meant for you to settle down, and let me ask you, if you have used all you staying in higher institution as if there is no life after that, then you still have a very long distance to cover because, if you are all alone, that is when you will later realise that all what i have been doing are bad, and also, this sex of a thing is too common amongst student, the question is now why? Why all these students? Why practising what you suppose not to practise? Then whose fault?
The fault is surely from their elderly ones, maybe from the way they have been living their own life or from the orientation they have gotten from friends, well what i have to tell the studentd is that all this a bad, it is just like loosing a substance, check this out: did you still think all the ladies in higher institution are not yet disflowered? Of cause this will be simply no, but it is just that the population of virgins in higher institution is far below that of those already disflowered, also, those involving themselves in all sort of secret group, why doing all these? Killing innocent souls, carrying out evil act, the question is now who is to be blamed? Hmm, just don’t know where education is going to in this nation.

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Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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