how to bring the best out of your teen life

(things I will do, that will simply make me to forever be in their mind starts from my teenage life)

To parents, this is the age whereby you and your children have to be best of friend (teens focus more on their friends more than their families) never allow them have so much interest with the friends outside, because, the age tends to ask more of the questions humans tends to ask, and will always want to know more, it now depends on the source of their answers, maybe it’s from the right source or the otherwise.

NOTE: once a teen is been mislead, to regain this teen back might seem difficult, but to avoid this, always make yourself available in answering the million questions your teens are ready to ask, never tell a thing you are too small to know this, because they know they are already mature enough to know all what they care to know, studying the teenage life also, if they ask question, and you ask them the reason of them asking, they will not be interested in asking you again, they will always want to look for ways to ask another person, even thou you still answered there question, they will just pretend they heard you, but that’s simply a lie

To be a teenager might be one of the more crucial aspect of one’s life, because all what you will love to become start from your teen age, the most devastating part of been a teen is simply thinking you are still a kid, that you still have a long way to go, this is so dreadful teen, try to wake up, and involve yourself in some assignments, which you know will surely be a stepping stone to you achieving that your dream,  never try to be like others, but always endeavor to be yourself, because more can be done by you, only if you want to act your own role without copying other people’s role


Martin Luther King, Jnr. Became a preacher at the age of 18.

Cleopatra: the intelligent proud, strong-willed and very determined queen became the ruler of Egypt at the age of 18

Ruler of the British Empire: Alexandra Victoria became queen at the age of 18 years old. Also known as (The grandmother of Europe)

Anne Frank: The girl with a brave spirit who started to write at the age of 13, thou because of crisis going on in her country then, she and her family where in a locked up room, she believes things can still get in other, and at her young age, she is not even afraid of death, but she gave up the ghost at the age of 15, in a prison, but her work is still been celebrated.

Joan Arc the most brave heroine started to actualize her dream at the age of 13, died at the age of 19 (been burnt to death by the catholic church, all because of their thinking, but later did not found any guilt in her and later made her a saint.

At the age of 21, Tiger Wood was the best young golfer in the world, he also won international junior 6 times just at the age of 16

Venus & Serena became professional tennis players when they were 14 years old.


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Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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