nailing yourself to devil’s alter (1)

we are in a world whereby the population of those nailing their souls to the devil’s alter. a place where we don’t even bother about the events that tends to occur in the later future, all we care about is the present life we want to live, we do things without taking note of what will be its end result, all just because of the satisfaction we get in what we involve ourselves in today, we don’t care maybe it will later result to a great damage in our own personal life. What a shameful act to what is called humanity

Thou we all believe in the sayings which says “my dream determines the steps I will take in the morning, which will define my afternoon, and will make me think meditate during the evening hour, which then is the product of what I will talk about during the night hour”. If you understand that simple sentence, then you get to start renouncing some of the things you know will just be of benefit to you, even thou they never looked meritorious. Just  start seeking for what you will enjoy even in the world beyond, we all have short lives to live, but you can simply make it long by how you live your own life. Are you living to satisfy just your own want or to the wants of the world around you, are you living to be justified? Or you are living to be doomed, your present answer as a lot to do with your next reactions. Thou you might not notice them happening now, but will surely bounce back in the nearest future.

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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