Who is a leader? A leader is a person, who has all of the right characters on how to handle people, situations and things. A person who is capable of guiding and directing others.

Been the best leader has a lot to do on how you handle most of the people around you, because they are the one that will decide maybe you are the right leader or the wrong one for them, thou you might be opportune to be at that position, but those you are leading are they in one mind with you? Do they really appreciate all of those things you have been doing? These are the questions good leaders must always ask themselves. Try as much as possible to be the first in welcoming new ideas, don’t be too proud in asking your followers on how to go about something’s (God resist the proud and gives grace to the humble). Never encage yourself in the prison of ignorance.


  1. MUST BE A GOOD COMMUNICATOR: a leader who is not good in this aspect is a leader who is fit in leading the group to their doom,  since he is not a good communicator, instead of him carrying his group along with every latest updates, information, new discovery and new ways on how to make the group expand, rather he will always want to speak about his own superiority always, and wants people to respect him because of that, he does not even care maybe anyone of them has anything new idea on how to make the group a better one, he does not entertain any other ideas than his own, if this is the kind of leader in any of the association you are in or any group you belong to, instead of moving forward then it’s the reverse you will always see until such leader is been changed.
  2. MUST BE A GOOD PROBLEM SOLVER: there will always be problems amidst the followers, a good leader must always be aware of this, and should not wait till the organization is starting to crack before he can wake up to start realizing things that has been going wrong around him, even before the sun of their problem rises like that of a bald head, a good leader should have known how to go about this, he should be capable enough in handling some critical situations, even thou he cannot do this alone, he can still meet with the holy spirit (the one who knows all even the ones that are still yet to be known he already knows). He will surely be strong enough in handling his organization.
  3. NEGOTIATION: this is where most of the leaders are missing it, even if you have a board in which you exchange your ideas with, don’t let the followers be a stranger, never let your followers just be a punter rather let them be a contributor. Let them also be introduced to whatever intention you will want to take, through that, you are also giving your followers the opportunity of expressing their own feelings or thoughts concerning whatever thing you want to do, because they will always be the one to run whatever race you will want to run.
  4. MUST BE A GOOD STRESS MANAGER: we as humans are not machine, a good leader should be aware of this fact and also know we (as followers)  have our own weak points, a good leader should be capable enough to help his/her own followers in managing stress, you should know the time good for retreating and the best time good for attacking, you can never do it alone when the followers are not even in right mind with you

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Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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