my message to the youths

Oooh the glorious youths,

The strength of the nations,

The voice of the old, and strength of the young.

Oh youths, where art thou,

Why youths? Why all this

You are believed to be the strength, but now you are weak

You are believed to be the voice, but now you are mute

Youths what then is your problem?

You live your life as if it will never end

You dine and wine as if there is no record

You say all thrash as if there is  no law

Youths, what is then the problem?

I see a youth going inside a pit they dug themselves

Youths what is happening

I see a youth fighting against each other just because of selfish interest

Youth what is happening?

Must you be punished before you learn?

My youths are now so interested selfish desires..

They see corruption as a normal life

Youths wake up!

Don’t think if you fall you can still rise,

It might not be same for everybody.

You might fall and never rise again

You might sleep and never wake again

Do what you think is right always’

And never be fooled with the events that happens everyday

I love my youths and my youths loves me,

Just because they know I am not in the position to judge them

I am not in the position to criticize them

I am not in the position to sue them

I am not in the position to litigate them

I am not in the position to appraise them….

But I am in the position to share with them what I know about the youths

Oh glorious youths, I love you because you love me

I cherish you because you cherished me

I will never look at you till you fall inside that deep pit

I will always look for ways to bring you out of those mess

Oh youths, but there is just a problem in which I am facing

How I can get your cooperation of cause

If you will only denounce all those evil acts of yours,

Then I can take you to that mountain you think its impossible

Oh glorious youths, I love you with the love of the one who created love itself

I cherish you with the one who has been cherishing the things supposed to be cherished before cherish even start to cherish.

I love you youths, and I am hoping for you to share your love with all those around you


I love you all

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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