my country Nigeria

Nigeria a home of milk and honey, we all re born nd told this slogan, since the day i was born, i still make use of my money to buy milk, even thou it is cowbell N10 naira i can afford, after soaking garri into a big bowl, doing this before i go to bed hoping it will rise just like yeast if i wake the next morning. Nd after finishing it, i will still tell at least 5 people everday of my life that Nigeria is a country flowing with milk and honey. Hmmm

my country is one of the best petroleum producer, my guy, it is now turning into a gold, my tiger generator (i better pass my neighbor type), the smoke coming out from there is enough to make nuclear eclipse to occur during the day, after i on the generator, i will hv to close the fuel tap a little just to make a litre last for 6hours, so as to receive cool breeze from my fan which i bought from a friend who inherited it from the father who gave birth to his own great grandfather, i hv to put my two pillows on my head in other to cover my ear nd block the noise coming out from this fan. After offing this, i will still meet with my neighbors, telling them my country is one of the best petroleum producer in the whole world. Hmmm

nigeria is one of the best country who has a fertile land, i believe this, infact, trowing a seed anywhere in my country will surely germinate, after considering all this, i still hv to write list of all of the things i want to buy in the market, buying pepper N100, all those fried fish, i will buy N10, five of them, so in the process of preparing my delicous soup, i will hv to pour just 3litres of water inside, so that the soup will last for at least 2 nd a half month, infact, if i want to eat, i will sit infront of my house, i mean outside the gate, so as to let people knw my country is among the best countries in the world, any body that passes infront of me as at that time, i will always welcome to join me in eating, even if they tell me they re okay, i still tell them my country is just the best.

There re still lots of benefits from my country in which i will love to share, but i wont want to share them now, nd somebody should now be telling me i am nt to say that.


but after all this, i am always happy, just because i have a brighter future ahead of me, and the lord Jesus has surely created a better place, even the one far better than my imagination.

i love you all

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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