ooh laziness, what a great company to have with you

i love the way you have taken me as a best friend of yours

but why laziness

why have you done all these things to me?

Why are thou enjoying the fruits of my foolishness

Why art thou happy as a result of my ignorance

Why art thou happy whenever I postpone my actions?

Whenever I am intending to procrastinate, you are always there to back me up

You have succeeded in making me a best friend of yours, oh I see

That’s why you are giving me all those sweet dreams

All those sweet imaginations

All those interesting thinking

Ooh laziness, I am tired of your advise

I am already awake from the sleep of drunkenness

Thanks for the food of ignorance you always offer

I am been overfeed with your dish of stupidity

Thanks for the drink of foolishness also, I am not more thirsty

Oh laziness, I know you want to spend every moment with me

But one thing laziness

If you don’t want me to go

I promise you hard work

I promise you seriousness

I promise you focus

I promise you determination

I promise you courage

I promise you boldness

Cos I know you are not friends with these

They are simply stronger than you I know

But I think me keeping their company will make me more successful

I will never be in just one position you laziness wants me to be

Laziness, I am so sorry I just have to leg go



Thanks for reading


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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