devil the greatest chorister

He was once an ark angel
Whose main duty is to worship the most high
He was given the privilege of been known as the most beautiful angel
What he knows how to do best is to sing
The beautiful songs
To the creator
The word pride trekked barefooted into
His so called life,
He never knew pride has entered into
His body
He starts comparing himself with the most high
The person whose job is to praise the most high
He himself wants to be praised
Such arrogant living is never accepted in the planet known as heaven
Immediately he wore the cloth of pride
The seat which once belonged to him was quickly collected from him
So he won’t defile that holy seat
Which is meant for those
Cloth hasn’t been stained with the word unethical
He found himself
Living in a different world himself
Caused by himself
Which was not created for himself
Due to the law which guided the first creation
He felt so lonely
That all what he has to do was to prepare for the dungeon which has already been prepared for him
Since he was once known as the ark angel
Whose work was to sing
He looked for ways in which he can gather more to himself
And this aim can only be accomplished through the word MUSIC
He has gained his admission
Into the institution
Of most of our industrial notion
Just to admit the his own motion
In other to win the souls for himself only.
As a result of that
Most of our musicians have developed themselves
Just like their master (devil) did to himself
Putting on the cloths of stupidity,
Telling themselves they are entertaining the mass
Without knowing they are advertising HELL
To the mass
There words is far away from knowledge
Wisdom is the opposite of their pledge
They hate to acknowledge
The fact that they are involving themselves in stupid act
Who then will save them from the hand of this wicked master
Who sat at the back of lorry
Whose destination is destruction
Whose driver is SIN
And conductor is immorality
Folding his long arm at the,
Laughing at them just because
Doing that act
They are already given the automatic ticket which leads to eternal destruction
In which their abode is still in construction

Wisen up and enter into the bus of knowledge been controlled by understanding leading to the world of wisdom
Where by the saints are already waiting with there white robe in welcoming you home,
Start to learn and practice the song of halleluyah
Because that’s the name we will present to our creator in the world beyond


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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