There are sometimes we just tend to wonder why everything are just simply happening, lots of questions beyond answering are coming up every now and then, to the extent of we the subject confused to what the objects seems to be portraying, when are we going to find every of the questions this life tends to ask every now and then, it has just been so glamorous that we has human, most of us just try to live the way we see things, we keep ignoring the part of us asking each other why things ought to be the way we are seeing them now.

We keep on asking ourselves these questions

 why can’t they just be other way round,

why is it that I am living this kind of life,

 why is it that things are not just well with me,

 why is it that people do not even care to ask about my feelings,

 why is it that I am meaningless,

 why is it that am always thinking on how to just commit suicide rather than living this world full of corrupt things,

why is it that things can’t just be fine,

 why is it that whenever I plan to get something, it’s always the opposite that will show up.

well some people came to the conclusion which simply is: THIS LIFE IS JUST LIKE A GAME BEEN PLAYED BY EVERYONE OF US, WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN MISSION TO PLAY, AND FOR US TO FINISH THIS MISSION WELL, YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW SOME CERTAIN RULES PROPOUNDED BY THE SO CALLED NATURE, JUST TO SURVIVE. One thing you should just remember is that, sometimes, things won’t just work the way you wanted, maybe you were expecting A to happen, and you saw Z, do not look down upon yourself, what you needed knowing is that why must it be Z you are seeing. Though I believe as human, like mentioned above, we just try to believe in whatever things we see, we don’t even care the reason of them been like that, and this is really making fool out of us. We are scared of learning deeply, just because if we involve ourselves in too much, to come out of it will tend to look difficult to do and might even lead us to the direction which we never expected. Well as a human being just like you also, I will just try to advice you that whatever situation you find yourself in, be it the good one or the bad one, just try to stay focus, and see the beauties coming up ahead of you. Try to prepare your mind in receiving that welcoming voice which simply is WELCOME HOME MY GREAT SERVANT.


Are you prepared for that?


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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