(….can we still find love there?)

Love is all what we need in the church of these days so this LOVE can radiate to the outside world so we can all have a reason to praise God when seeing the greatness been attained in our nation through the LOVE of Christ.




You don’t need to know where I came from*we can simply grow together* even if you have more than me, you will still be able to share with me*Whatever thing I might be saying, either correct or wrong, while still saying it or when am done, do not falter in correcting me, and do not spot-on me in a manner which will look like an embarrassment, you can just meet me in private telling it to my hearing it will be far better if it has been said this way

You can still chastise me, but show some love while doing this.

Although we are all imperfect, but still you can train me to be that perfect of your standards


You tend to criticise

*Asking the questions of who does he think he is? Is it because he was been opportune to have a bulky account?*How old is he that he thinks he can just be commanding?*Where does he even come from?*Who are those he knows?*Who knows him/her outside of this place?*Can he even stand beside me when we are outside there?*Just let him finish speaking whatever thing he might want, I will still carry out what suits me*.I can’t even listen to what he is saying, anything been said by him is bunch of thrashes?*Must he always think he is the best?*What does he knows self?*Which school did he attend?*if not for this, I would have done that, so he will know my worth*if he does not allow me do this, does he think anybody if better off than me?*I don’t just have his time*

We are really throwing away some accomplishment, all in the name of I want to be the best person ever here, we tend to know all, whereas we know nothing. We always think without us, it can never be better. If this LOVE is in you, you will be ready to go extra mile just for that person you don’t even know where he/she came.

is there any gain in criticism? Even though you know it all, there are still 1001 people outside there who you can not even stand beside, but they are so humble to the extent of calling their younger ones master. The main reason why we are moving backward in this generation of mine is that we take lust for love, we think we love, whereas its definitely lust. Love is the best medicine that can cure whatever sickness. The reason why most people are dying young is as a result of the hatred around them. Those around are just concerned about their own selfish interest, even if I help him, of what benefit will it be to me? He will be greater than me through that way, let me keep my things to myself even if they get spoilt…


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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