asuu and F:G who is to be blamed?

A must read please, don’t ignore

Everything about this country is so funny

considering what is happening now, we have a group who are on strike…maybe they are fighting for the student rights or for their own rights i don’t even know and don’t want to know…all what i am hearing is that….those in the house of assemble shouldn’t be sharing such huge cash amongst themselves…they should remember them (strikers) also…the teachers/lecturers has to be paid, they have to be compenciated…. It sounds funny to me…
Then the students are in their father house…growing older but not younger……then at the end, those fighting fights….in their company which they established, which this is the time they have more concentration on, before you can be given a job to do there, what you will be told goes thus

*minimum of 5-6 years experience
*between the age of 22-26
*sound in your field
etc….if i am to write everything…infact, you the reader will fear
tell me now, with these standards listed above, and with this strike, can any of the students present be able to apply for jobs in their so called company…is it not so funny
these strikers, the question i will forward to them now is that, are they working for the money or working because of the passion they have for the job…?
Even though the leader are not ready to listen to their laugh or cry whatever, why then are they putting the future leaders in confusion…it’s just so funny…and the funniest part is that, their money (salary), nothing will stop it….every month, it is pilling up…or maybe they always hear pompom..pompom….who knows….hmmmm…
Even if they are working with passion, there won’t be need to worry about those embezzling money, what they need to do is to train those under them (students) well, so they won’t grow up and take to the step of the ones there now….i know you have a family to feed, have you forgotten that millions are out there, they are living below the standards of a normal cow in the overseas……
Do your best……your reward is on its way….don’t mind those playing the pranks of chop, i chop…chop i chop…no wahala……as one of my friends Udeme says…..everyday na for theif, one day na for the owner…when will the owner catch the theif, thats what i don’t know…..but be alert……and be prepared

Everything is just so funny……GAMES…thats what i see everything as, if you don’t want to die young, follow the principles been laid by the port bellies….funny me, funny them…life full of funny acts.
Bad news are much more appreciated than the good ones…. If you see a train cut a persons head, removed his will see million LIKES, thousands comments…well, thank God for RIP’s, i wonder what they would have been using…….whao….funny life…funny world…..but the sad news about it is that, am also a suspect, you reading this also you are a suspect, in one way or the other, there is surely a link which linked us to those we know are really scatering the puzzle of this great nation….why not take your time, why not take my time visiting their various houses, after which i will spit on their face….in which a heavy slap will follow and tell it to them…WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS WRONG, THERE ARE BILLIONS OF PEOPLE OUTSIDE THERE DIEING AS A RESULT OF YOUR SELFISHNESS…BEFORE THEY RAISE THEIR HEAD AGAIN, GIVE THEM THREE DIRTY SLAP AND SPIT ON THEIR FACE AGAIN THEN RUN AWAY……

One love… might sound funny, but its really hurting….
Why should good supercede bads.. 😦 why can’t we just have peace??????

One Love
-meshileya israel-

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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