(….can we still find love there?)

This particular word has turned into an hidden treasure in most of the churches in this new generation of ours, everything been done now are out of love, they tend to do things whatever way it comes forgetting that everyone is from different background which calls for different traits in the house of God, though if we are born in Christ we are all new creatures (2cor 5:17), but that old part will not just vanish like that, it will always be looking for ways to come in (rom 7:17-24), remember, if they are not been helped, then their situation might even get worse(matt 12:43-45). Things are now getting strange in the churches of these days, whereby you will see all sort of different things happening, things not worth discussing, things beyond human’s earthly knowledge of the word Christendom, a place where every believer is to experience perfect love has turned into a place where hatred, jealousy, stinginess, greed has taken over. Since the church will be the first place to be judged, can’t anyone stand out like Moses, pleading for the Israelites, rather the church has turned into an organization whereby you can do whatever you like, just don’t act outside the rules and regulations so as not to become enemy of the boss assumed to be the leader. Friends, there is nothing that can be achieved outside of LOVE, let those outside the world see us sitting down on the high seat of LOVE whereby trust and sincerity are been sent on errand, friendship then turns into order of the day. Everybody working as one will even make us achieve more than working just alone, even if some are trying to dawdle, you don’t have to be harsh on them, all what you needed doing is try explaining the repercussion of their shilly-shally and what Luke-warmness can also cause, remember you should try to explain these things to them in LOVE, if only everything that should be done in churches of these days are done in LOVE, then everyone will always want to listen to the good news. What baffles me most is that even churches are discriminating each other, before you can be acknowledged as their members, you have to follow all the principles been laid down. That’s really bad, since we are all one body in Christ Jesus, why can’t we all work together, if the hand tells the brain it’s tired of working, how do you think the body will feel? Well all this can’t be achieved in a day, but it takes a thing of zeal, determination and grace of God in renewing the strength of the church, so as not to allow the gate of hell prevailing, we are supposed to be our own backbone, so as to prevent looking for an external support which is not even guaranteed which might even lead to destruction. Its high time churches of these days took to a new dogma so has to prevent the case whereby people will think going to church  is only a waste of time, the same bible the pastor is using I am using so what’s the essence?.  There are many people outside there scared of even stepping into church just because of their past experience inside the church, how they are been related to just because they are not capable of fending for themselves. Everyone needs to be interacting like brothers and sisters; you don’t have to place yourself on that invisible chair which you think has no expiry date.














I saw love once, I saw it clear

It had no leash, it had no fear

It give itself without a thought, no reservation has it brought

It seems so free to demonstrate

It seems obsessed to orchestrate

A symphony designed to feed

Composed to lift the one in need

Concerned for others was his goal

No matter what will be the toil

It’s strange, just how much care it stores

To recognize his neighbours sore

And doesn’t rest until the day it helps to take the sore away

Its joy retains and does not run

Until the blessed Job is done

I saw love once, it was not pretence

He was my coach, he is my friend

Is love your friend?

Have you ever met love?

God is love, surrender your life to him today and you will enjoy him in totality without any reservation (1john 4:7-8)


By Olorunwa Oluwaseyi














































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About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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