We can live our life the way we want, the way we think it suit us, but just try to remember this WE ARE BEEN GIVEN THIS LIFE BY GOD, and he wants us to make best use of this life for his own glory, but we are all mixing things up, by telling it to God that if he truly wants you to make it in life, he is not suppose to put you in this country, or that family you are in now, or even given you the wife or husband you are married to. You are already given this life, are meant to be your own architect, this what most people did not realize, nobody is ready to sacrifice anything, or even give it what it takes to have a fulfilled life, we all depend on other people achievement without us even trying to explore our own self, we have to study others, but we don’t have time to study our own self which is very bad, thou we have been given a lot of materials in this shop (earth) which you can make use of to paint or even shape your own destiny,all the materials are not for free,  you have to know how you can earn and pay yourself, before you can have enough to get this materials.

Nobody wants to be poor, we all want to become rich, without us not even trying to make changes our self, BRING ME THE PERSON THAT SAYS YOU CANT MAKE IT IN LIFE, AND I WILL RECOMMEND HIM AS A MESSENGER FOR YOU IN THE NEAREST FUTURE, only if you know and understand the process it takes.Nobody is born rich, and nobody is destined to become poor.

No matter the work you are doing, be it you are been paid monthly, weekly, or you are a manager of your own (entrepreneur), endeavor to always pay yourself, don’t let all your income become the salary of the food you eat, tailor/fashion designer, and all sort of materialistic things.You Try To Pay Everyone but You Don’t Even Remember To Pay Your Own Self


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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