amazing things in a weird world

it’s a priviledge to have eyes so has to see the pathway in which others are moving/travelling.

It is of grace to have the confidence in trying to burst out the content in ones mind

it’s definitely boldness to carry out ones thought in ones mind…building your own world in your mind is such a great accomplishment, you can only do it greater when it is been made manifest.

I am scared of this world because things beyond my imagination are just happening here and there…..waking up
walking along the street
seeing the plants doing what they know how to do best
the birds wooing each other
the chickens running helter skelter
playing hide and seek game

talking about MAN (humanity), i don’t know maybe we are getting wiser or the antonym of WISER (although it’s not in my dictionary)
i see men, wanting to change into women
all in the name of fashion, latest trend, i want to feel among, i want them to know the content in me, i want them to feel the shwags which i gat, i want them to hear the songs i have been writing since everything has been turning around
oh! Man, i have been shaking my head, and i don’t know maybe to continue
what i noticed is that, my head is now shaking me
MAN wants to be WOMAN…(putting on errings, plaiting different hairstyle) well, i am waiting for the day they will start to wearing brazillian hair style….i don’t know what i will do if i see that.

WOMAN turning into MAN (everything is just turning upside down, i don’t know of what interest it will be when they (women) wants
to leave their responsibility in the name of fashion and start acting like MEN

it’s now hard to distinguish male from females

in the name of fashion, we see ourselves working into our doom

criminals are turning into leaders

ritualist are turning into pastors

devils are turning into angels

prostitute are turning into the descent ones


i have been writing, now writing is starting to write ME

i have been praying, now prayer is beginning to pray ME

why can’t everything just be good so we could live in lasting LOVE and UNITY

why must we all be looking for POWER in the name of killing our neighbors….

It gives a lot of headache thinking about this life…..and ignoring this part (thinking) is painting the unborn generation BLACK

when are we going to rise up, making use of the creativity which the creator has given to everyone of us
doing good to you
doing good to you
doing good to me
doing good to me

singing the song of we shall overcome
in another lyrics

we have overcame
in the name of LOVE
which in it HONESTY speaks
we have overcame
in the name of TRUST
which in it SINCERITY smiles

if we can only think it, then the probability of making it is certain

YES, it is possible

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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