ooh laziness, what a great company I had with you

i love the way you have taken me as a best friend

giving me all sort of foul contact

taking my wish for un-granted

telling to me you haven’t decided

friend why am I asking

friend, why will I continue to ask

why have you done all these things to me?

Why art thou enjoying the fruits of my foolishness?

Why art thou relishing the result of my thoughtlessness?

Why art thou happy as a result of my ignorance?

Why art thou happy whenever I postpone my actions?

Whenever I am intending to procrastinate, you are always there to back up

Supporting me with all sort of fantasy

You have succeeded in making me a best friend, oh I see

And I have to turn you into an enemy, oh you see

always happy whenever I plummet

never wanting me to anti-plummet

giving me all those sweet dreams

So as not to get up quickly

Giving sweet imaginations

postponing my supposed actions

giving interesting thought

ignoring reality


Ooh laziness, I am tired of your advice guess you see

I am already awake from the sleep of inanity, yes I see

Thanks for the food of ignorance you always offer

I am already overfeed with your dish of silliness

Thanks for the drink of foolishness,

 I am not more thirsty

Getting me always drunk appearing like a thoughtlessness


Oh laziness, I know you want to spend every moment with me

But one thing laziness

One more thing will I want to long for

One more thing will I promise myself to do

One more thing will I turn into a pledge

One more thing will I try to initiate

Leave me and let me go

But if you try to anti-go

I promise you hard work






Cos I know you are not friends with them

They are simply stronger than you, I know

But I think me keeping their company will make me more successful,





And exceedingly esteemed, hope you know

I now know you might be attractive

Aware of work giving satisfaction

I now know you are nothing

More than the habit of resting

Before getting tired

I now know you are a secret ingredient

Which goes into failure

You are the only secret

Which failures will always want to keep


Oh laziness,

I am tired of our friendship

I am sorry

I am tired of our conversation

Take your time to worry

I am tired of your  company

Should I then say I am not sorry

I will never be in just one position you laziness wants me to be, don’t call me honey

Laziness, I am so sorry I just have to let go

I have to let you go

And will never well come you

Always going go gone


-Meshileya Israel-


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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