end time sayings

(a must read)

The day we all have been waiting for

The day we have been hoping for

The day we all have been longing for

The day we have been praying for

Now it has come

Soon it will go

Now it has arrived

Soon it will depart

Should I then say it’s a coincidence?

Hmm have I said

Hmm will I continue to say?

I have been preparing

All things which are preparable

Just to welcoming this New Year which will soon arrive

Though I have been privileged in seeing today


Will also be privileged in living tomorrow

Sitting back on the seat of remembrance

Lost in my thought

Asking myself

Has there been any difference between this year and my last year?

Hope my life has not been static

Has it been changed in one way or the other

The same me of last year seems same me of this year

Why are things just like this I kept lamenting?

Why won’t things just look easy for me should I keep mourning

Why should I always strive before I get

Why can’t I just make it and get out of this worrisome year

My heart’s broken

My eyes swelled

My lungs cracked

My body shivers

Oh what a year which has been wasted

And filled with fruitless

I don’t have anything to point out my un-working finger at

Beating my big filled heart will cry

YES THIS IS WHAT I ACCOMPLISHED (but all I can see is void)

Another new year is coming and am still my old self

Another new year is coming and my thoughts are still same

I wrote a lot of plans from the beginning

They all still look new, fresh till the ending

I planned a lot of goals from the beginning

But haven’t made a score till the ending

Will I then label myself as a failure?

Or should I call myself problem

Should I say am delinquent

Or maybe felonious

Oh what ah headache this is giving me

Always loving to put the blame on the environment

All in the name of it not encouraging

I love to fault the government

All in the name of their hanky-panky game

I always love to burden God

All in the name of him shutting his all-seeing eyes towards me

Should I then study myself?

So as to blame myself


I hate to study myself

I hate to study my thought

I hate to reference whatever thing that might be jostling in my heart

I am always seeing myself as a saint

And nothing can make me a stain

I thought for a while

Asking my ridiculed self

Why should I even celebrate?

Since I can’t prove my worth

Should I then say I forgot to acknowledge the fact

Which simply is

Every day is the best day in the year

This is not an ordinary day (my thoughts)

But it’s the end of a year

My head is seriously aching

My tommy utterly rumbling

My heart wholly pounding

Without even making use of the stethoscope

A person afar of (5miles) can hear the sound of my heart beat

It seems the final things draw nearer faster

What will I do

So as not to scatter

I wish everything can just be rewinded

I wish everything could just be played back

I wish everything could just be a dream

I wish everything could just by my imagination

Where can I start from?

What can I do

Where should I go to?

Where should I hide?

New Year has come

Within a little time

This year will soon go

I wish I could just survive this New Year

I don’t want to carry over

I know I can still do better

Oh New Year I welcome thee

Oh New Year please accept me

Oh New Year accept my foolish act

Now I have learnt my lesson in the toughest way

Now I gat to realize the pain of shilly-shally

Here I come

Starting to rejoice with everyone

Telling to them with a fake smile on my embarrassed face

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I love you more

Happy New Year

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-Meshileya Israel-


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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