to my unknown wife

don’t tell me it’s not dignity
that’s it’s lack of opportunity
just because of what most of your friends are saying
don’t tell me you were been deceived
that’s was the main reason you received
my beloved wife
i will be so happy if you can make yourself a virtuous lady

though i might not be perfect
but i know with you
we can make a perfect couple
raising the perfect children
building a perfect family
please try create time which we will use in quarreling
in as much we are not perfect,
i can sense that happening

my dear wife,
with you
i know we can build a perfect generation
never be carried away with mare material things
cos i can see them fading away

i may not have the money to buy the moon
i may not have the money to take you to the sun for honey moon
i may not have the money to turn Atlantic ocean into a swimming pool for you
but i will so much appreciate it if you would accept me with the way i am

i have a lot in stock for you
which i am starting to get shy writing here
i can smell the perfume of decency in you
though you might still be unknown
but the creator has known you
i LOVE you so much
that’s why i am pro-telling you


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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