whatever thing you can think, you can surely do

WHATEVER THING YOU CAN THINK YOU CAN SURELY DO (for nothing is impossible with God).

Never try waste much of your time either worrying or languishing about the material things in making your dream turn reality. The materials are always available at the instance which that dream of yours was added to your thought. Why most people still live a stagnant life is that, they only have the opportunity to think big, but do not have the opportunity of seeing the necessary materials which has already been given to them by the one (God) who gave that idea to them, in other to move forward. How can you lay hands or see invisible things (which are visible to others) when you fail to acknowledge the invisible actions going on around you? How can you keep on telling to yourself that there is no God who cares for you? How can you tell it to yourself that you are the owner of your life? When will you stop thinking everything were just happening in the name of coincidence. Things will always look blurring to you when you keep on accepting mortal knowledge and ignoring the immortal fact. Telling to yourself you know it all. Life is much more than what we are seeing with our eyes, how can you access your inner/spiritual eyes in seeing things that look unseeable?, all what you need to do is to commune with the holy spirit, so as for you to be leaded in the right direction where these resources/materials are been stored for you to utilise, “never you try to be like the man who saw a diamond and was making use of it to cut stones just because of its hardness only”.

How can you commune with the holy spirit?

Without Jesus, holy spirit can never be invited to come dwell in you. Without knowing Christ, holy spirit will always be a stranger to you, he might also to you be a void, living a life Jesus might make you look smarter in front of some friends, but look otherwise in front of others, people without Jesus are really missing a lot of blessing attached to salvation, since you will always look like the man who is incapable of managing a great fortune, since the great mentor is not in you. You might be wondering how else you can know this Christ whom you have been hearing about, right from the day you were given birth to. For you to know this Christ, all what you need to do is just to confess him as your lord and personal saviour and restitute your old way of life, believing; he came into this worrisome world just to give you rest, he came into this world, living in poverty so me and you could become rich, he came into this world to suffer so you and I could enjoy, he also came with the priority to die for every of our iniquities. Friend, why not make use of this opportunity in acknowledging all what he has been doing in your life. The God that will never sleep, just for you to be protected, the one who has always been providing, just for you to never lack talk less of begging, the one who was, who is and who is to come so much cares about you friend, will you continue to nail him on that cross of un-repentance with the nail of ignorance and hammer of hatred?

Making use of this medium, I will like you to know that there is someone there who cares, even beyond your own imagination, he so much care about you, to the extent of him been pierced on the cross of Calvary, He was been spat on, just because of our transgression, He was been nailed with the longest nail, just because of our salvation, He sacrificed all of his glory so as to turn into a bridge, between man and God, since man caused a great porthole in between our relationship with God back then in the garden of Eden. The host of host has come into this world in human form to make our circuitous way straighten, so as to make things easier for us to do, so as to comfort us even when in time of trouble, so as to show us the way which leadth to perfect and eternal life without condemnation. Allow me whisper this into your hearing,  “no matter how stained your garment might be, due to the stain gotten from sin or ignorance, ask the host of host to make you whole so you can look as white as snow”. Confess him as your lord and personal saviour, forget about the other things which might be troubling you, because the moment you accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour, all things will definitely be added unto you.


It is only with God the word impossible can turn into I’m possible

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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