when things look tough

We are in a world

Which tough people are always heard of

Be it the good ones

Never wanting to leave the bad ones

The good ones smile to the bank

The bad ones cry to prison yard

Be it with hard labour

Or maybe soft lollop

All in the name of living to live all of the consequences of their actions

We all are born to be tough

Most of us allow the environment to define us

We love to judge ourselves in the name of circumstances

Always setting lesser goals to accomplish

Telling to ourselves life is too short to attempt tough things

Making the unborn generation curse the reason for our living

When are we going to stand to our ground?

Waging war against immorality

fighting for the yet to be born generation

So as for them to at least compliment one of the very good deeds that might be done by us

Enough of the cock and bull story we have been piling up

Let’s start to live by example

Doing most of the things we advise people to do

Always been slow to anger

And fast to loving

Things might look tough sometimes

The reason for people around is either to make it tougher or simpler

Which I and you as a person also play a part in this role

When things look tough

Who are the people I will cry to

Hope they won’t make my already soaked cloth look more drench with tears of disappointment

Cos I was born to believe men are so desperate


When things look tough

What are the things I am capable of doing

I should start to learn how to handle something’s in some critical situation

So as never to live a life of regret when it starts to backfire

This life might be tough

But I surely know with the help of you, you and you

When things look tough will be a history

God bless

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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