i don’t know maybe to give up on Education

I have been reading and praying at same time intermission, all in the name of me not wanting to be like Ciroma Chukwuma Adekunle on WAEC paper for JAMB. It’s not as if I don’t read, nor as if I am a dullard, it’s not as if I lack the capability or let me make use of the ability to assimilate, my problem is just that, there has been nothing encouraging….going to school has turned into a certification of becoming an unemployed being in the next few years one would be spending in this so called citadel of learning of our great nation standing on spaghetti leg. Should I put all of the blame on the government for not providing enough tertiary institutions or maybe I should dedicate all of the blames on our so called teachers or the ones who take tutorials for not teaching me to my own satisfaction, the ones who are only after the money I pay, if I pay I would be allowed in, but if I do not, my face should never be shown in this tutorial centre. There was a time I was attending private school, maybe I could achieve my aim, before the registration, I was asked to pay school fees, I later port to public school, I realised that sometimes, I would be sent on errand by our teachers, to go and buy food in the name of me wanting to learn by lightning and thunder…..hmmm. well, I don’t even know maybe to give up or not, thank God I was able to pass my waec even though it was with blurring colours.

Although sometimes, I get so much luck for passing across whatsoever cut-off mark been set by this institution of ours, but the problem now is all of our tertiary institutions has turned into an abode, where family property is been shared. If you like score more than the maximum mark (for instance you got 403 in OAU post utme or maybe you got more than 100% in UI or in any of our federal tertiary institutions, or maybe you had more than A1 in all of the subjects in your O’level certificate) that’s your own headache, if you know no one, then no one will care maybe you are enrolled or not. Hmm,  I am tired of all this mess, and won’t tolerate a situation whereby my name would be posted on JAMB question paper just like Ciroma who tried all of his possible best writing WAEC for more than the years which I do not know. I just wish the education of my dear country would change, and our so called ASUU congregation should stop teaching us or training us to play the survival of the fittest in the labour market.  if not, I wonder maybe I would be the next Ciroma……….as I am writing this, all of the jamb question for the past few years are with me, I am not talking about the past questions, but the question given in the examination hall.

Infact, the supervisors been sent from jamb office now recognize me just because of what I am into, whenever I visit any café around me, the next thing is that DO YOU WANT TO BUY JAMB SCRATCH CARD?……I wish they could see the river of bitterness flowing through my heart right now.

Please friend, what’s your own advise on this, please help L


Well, I don’t even know maybe I should write my name, but I remain easyboy also known as Israel

God bless

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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