i am proud to be an atheist………see reasons of my pride

Never be in a hurry reading this, ensure you take your time in reading from the beginning to the end, so you can see the reasons why I should be proud in been an atheist. If you are not one (atheist), you can simply join in reading. Until you finish the whole write up, don’t point the judging finger towards me. Finish reading, then compliment the reasons why I should be an atheist. Don’t be LAZY, just READ



I am proud to be an atheist

It’s such a great privilege for an atheist like me to be known

It’s such a prodigious delight for my humanist mannerism to be famous

I am proud to be an atheist

I was scared when I saw the word atheist

I thought it was  hatist

Talking about the pronunciation.

I am so proud of been an atheist, in the name of no reason


Sitting myself on the seat of reasoning

Asking myself the question which worth questioning

If I am an atheist

Then I prefer scientific research

To all the fairy tales which the so called religion articulates

Why is it that I still find fault in myself

Why is it that I can’t make use of the earth’s age in dates?

Why is it that I must make use of AD instead of the real earth’s age?

Which is nothing less than 4.54billion years of age

Whenever I want to write my date,

I am supposed to write 01/08/450000000000

Instead of the so called 01/08/2014

Since I am an atheist

I guess I should always follow the way of science

And never try following the pathway of the so called fairy tale


I am an atheist

And I so much believe in the word coincidence

Tell me about coincidence

I am ready to listen for hours

I can pay everything just for this topic COINCIDENCE

ask me question on it (by introducing spirituality)

Then I start to see you as an enemy


All the same, I know about religions

Whose conviction are based on miracles

In as much they believe in miracle

Then I should believe in coincidence

Just don’t try asking me question about it

Because I know it not

And care to know it not


I see religion

As an act of foolishness

I see my practise

As an art of manliness

Whose thought is strictly based on reality

But not on the so called fairies (of religion)

Who understands what they do not believe

And believe what they do not understand

Oh my heart smiles

Whenever I see myself in their gatherings

No matter what they say

My heart can never make a way

For the so called one

Who has been knocking the door


I see myself as a saint

in the name of believing in accident

Just don’t ask me question

I will see you as an enemy


I am proud to be an atheist

Reason been

I am not under any law

In form of commandment

Laid down by some fairy gods

But still make reference to government law

Never will I make them a god

Ask me any question about that

I will surely start to see you as an enemy


A person who is against what I believe

Is surely a person who has been deceived

In receiving

Things which are just leprechaun

Believing how they come

how they go

I know about the brain

I know it consist of many cells

I know it is a delicate organ

Ask me how they store information

I will definitely start to see you as an enemy


Everything works

in the name of working

All things function

In the name of functioning

Never you try asking me question about them

Because I don’t have to waste my time on such things


This life is too short to study everything

Or even

To believe all thing

I just have to believe whatever I want to believe

Ask me question about them

I definitely will have no other option

Than to see you as an enemy


I am proud to be an atheist

I don’t have a reason to worry

Seeing prayer session as a medium of talking to myself

Seeing fasting as a medium of suffering myself

Seeing alms giving as a medium of gaining peoples heart to myself

Never you try asking me to pay any offering

Never you try analysing the word tithe to me

Me making some so called religion leader richer than me?

Or else

I will start to see you as an enemy


I am proud to be an atheist

I know and strongly believe it that

My philosophy is a question which may never be answered

Seeing religion as an answer which may never be questioned

Tell me to explain these things

I will surely start to see you as an enemy


I am proud to be an atheist

Seeing religions

Founded on fables and mythology

Seeing myself founded on reality and happenings

Ask me any other question

I will surely start to see you as an enemy


I see bible as a novel

I see Jesus as a philosopher

The one who read

And was also able

To predict the future


I am an atheist

But confused on what to be proud of

Things are just happening everyday

Without me studying the reason for them

I sleep all night

Trying to set my alarm

Which never has once woke me

But still capable of waking up


I am an atheist

Just leave me the way I am

Until I see a reason to be calm

In following whatever you offer

Giving me the reason of your profferness



In the name of my unawareness

I never knew the time I was………….

It’s coming

Towards the direction I am

I don’t know where to run to

It’s glitters

Much more than the afternoon sun

I can see tint of blood

Dripping from his palm

Who can this be

Who is this person

Could this be a dream

He is coming towards me

He is crying

He is telling me to come

He gave me a new sight

I can see chains all over me

Oh my heart

Oh my soul

Oh my body

Oh my spirit

He showed me all things which were unclear



What am I seeing



I never knew when I started to utter something’s

Which were even beyond my comprehension

Which is far away

From my composition

With the help of this man

I was left with no other option

Than to say the following

With the whole of my heart

Whole of my body

Whole of my soul



Dear Jesus,

I pray for forgiveness

Because I have been dwelling in witlessness

Eating the food of obliviousness

Drinking the wine of unawareness

Have mercy on me

And help in restoring my soul

The reason of my proudness

Is nothing to be talked about

Dear Jesus

Just have mercy on me

I know I have wronged you in lot of ways

I believe you are simply the way

Which leads to all ways

Heading to salvation

Thank you Jesus

Because words can’t define your friendship

Verses can’t define your companionship


I am now a new atheist

And will continue to remain atheist for Christ

The one who has been the reason for the season

The one who was, who is and who is yet to come

I wish my co-atheist

Could see the Joy in having Christ as the leader


I wish they could hear the sound of joy

Which my once void heart is now singing

I wish I will be able

To retrieve all of my lost year

Wasted on been a worldly atheist


Oh my atheism Has caused me a lot

I wish I have known this right way since

Even before the word LONG was into existence

I wish I could just……………(oh, tears has filled up my guilty face)


To all my co-atheist

There is JOY in having Christ as a friend


The first word which always pop in my heart

Whenever I see people like me


Seek ye the kingdom of God first

And all other things

Not just one thing

Shall be added


God bless J


-Meshileya Israel-

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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