no matter the height you want to go in life, you need to ask yourself this 40 questions

The world we are living in is getting scarier,

Readers are becoming extinct,

Crammers are now ruling.

Am scared of voicing out my mind,

Lost in the compunction of nobody cares.

My world is carried away with theatre

Caring less about letters,

Which excavate the real deal of nature.


To resurrect our readers, I tried all of the things I call best in making this concoction. The questions you have no option than to ask yourself when you feel jaded before even carrying that abode of knowledge.

Deeply ask yourself the following questions

  1. What’s the difference between reading and studying?
  2. Why should I bother myself studying?
  3. Should I even try studying?
  4. Why should I carry this book?
  5. Of what benefit will it be when I glance through this?
  6. Does my reading make any sense to me?
  7. How fast will I see the effect of reading, when I try doubling my concentration?
  8. What are the things that distract me and things that make me concentrates more?
  9. What is the best reading style for me?
  10. If I do not study, who am I to blame?
  11. Why should I postpone my studying time?
  12. Must I always convenient myself when it comes to studying?
  13. What is stopping me from studying now?
  14. If I do not study, does it mean won’t study?
  15. What are others (my competitors) doing now?
  16. Is there any other way to break the heart of my competitor apart from studying?
  17. If they (my competitors) are studying their books now, how will I meet up with them, conquer them (victory) and overcome them (excel).
  18. When is the most convenient time for me to study?
  19. Must I always listen to nature’s call?
  20. If nature really loves me, why does it disturb me calls?
  21. Is there any gain if I would not study?
  22. The greatest men living, how did they get to that position of theirs?
  23. Who even created this book?
  24. Can’t I make this book better in the later future?
  25. How will I get this done if I do not read?
  26. Does it mean I am scared of this book?
  27. Am I dumb to the extent of ignoring the fact of learning something new?
  28. Should I even bother myself reading?
  29. Why must I pass this exam?
  30. Should I read to understand or just pass?
  31. Have I been reading just to pass?
  32. Or maybe to brag around?
  33. What is/are my source of distraction(s)?
  34. Must I always make myself comfortable when it comes to reading?
  35. Should I even go extra mile increasing my vocabulary?
  36. When will I stop to fool myself?
  37. Does it mean I am too lazy whenever I pretend to know it?
  38. Does it mean if I do not read, I will not succeed?
  39. What if I am not opportune to read at that convenient time which I am hoping for?
  40. Are books meant for spirit beings?

Just like Sonya Carson tells Benjamin Carson, the world is full of other people, never you try comparing yourself with other people, because there will always be other people. Whatever thing the people around you can do, only you can make it better, and for you to make it better, it depends on whatever thought that might jostle in your mind in the next few seconds. What then are the source of thought? The first is surely through our environment and then it extends to our imagination.


You can make it if you really want, all what you simply need to do is to try, try, try and try…….what then is the next OPTION???



God bless

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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