we as a country (Nigeria) can still make it…we as a world can still make it

Why can’t we have a better nation?

This is a question that has been bothering my mind; I tried all what I know as best in getting an answer to this simple to lay down question of mine. The rate at which people are looking for the betterment of this nation is low compared to the rate at which people are searching for her break down. The major reason why we are still stagnant is that, the ones hoping for the downfall of this nation are the masked ones. They put on a smiley mask, whereas inside of them is furious in ferocious manner. Where this country is heading to had been a puzzle which is yet to be solved by the wise ones. In as much the things uttered today are far different from our actions tomorrow, then we will continue to remain in that same position of ours.

For the mass, including the government, we have so much developed our manner of utterances in speaking out the ironies of our heart and whenever been asked, there’s always a place to nail the blame upon, always wanting to vindicate ourselves out of all the ugly tagging. Talking about the political aspect of our dear nation is an un-endless topic. People are scared of making reference to the political aspect of our great nation which was once the giant of Africa standing on spaghetti leg, they now see it as an abode of criminals, where thieves are the judges, and the judges are the thieves. Whenever something outrageous happens in other neighboring countries, the next thought will be THAT MIGHT BE A NIGERIAN. Why are we so dark in the manner of our thinking? We as a person never will always want to hear the good story of the other partner, but whenever the bad one is been shared, we pay our last kobo in knowing all of its details. We make more references to the bad news compared to the good ones. The social media gains more recognition when they publish debauched news compared to the encouraging ones, and since we already see our community as a place of SURVIVAL of the FITTEST only, not caring for the less privilege, only concerned about our own well beings, and seeing others who have the same mind set as ours as a competitor, we always will want to look for every way just to make these competitors belittled or ridiculed by the mass.

I know there are good people, but these set of people are scared of coming out, just because of the exile palaver, and the bad labeling the masked one might be giving to them (forcing them into eating the food even though their appetite is been misplaced). We that we once acknowledge the message of GOOD PEOPLE, GREAT NATION are the one saying WHO CARES? The sailing slogan of the ship of this great country now is a DO OR DIE GAME.

 People are now walking on the street of less concernedness with the thought of “in as much I am still capable of meeting every of my own needs, then why should I even give a concern talk less of helping the person who is next to me”. Sometimes, I just wonder how deep the heart of man is, seeing most of the things which is going on in our society these days. Maybe we are moving forward or the other way round is the thought that is still baffling me.

I wonder when that day we will surely stand to our ground, always abiding to the words we utter, not going against any good thought, but dwelling in it will come. Never trying to put the blames on others and seeing ourselves as a saint. Hmmm, Everything is possible, but before it can be possible, it all depends on the foundation we lay the trust of our hope upon, seeing others same way we sight ourselves. Always wanting to do the right things, even when it cost us the last penny. Never wanting anything against the other people’s life-style, but trying to view things same way they are viewing it, and helping them to see the goods that can be achieved only if they will try to consider your own suggestions which is not a command.


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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