should i be tired of beleiving

I believed in the word THE YOUNG SHALL GROW             

The young ones around me have been exterminated,

When will they now grow is the question I have been asking

When will they propound all of their stolen dreams

My little children have been murdered

In the name of what they know not


The ones

Who are yet to discern the right from wrong

The death of my supposed tomorrow leaders

Has now turned into a thing where the mass media gets most of her attention from

I wish I was among the past generation

Maybe I could help in making things

Which they forgot to make

In making

This generation of mine has been worrisome

Daily and nocturnally troublesome

Kids sent to school registered for their early graves

Not just one, but 43 of them

I wish they just have a heart

I wish they just have a mind

I wish they could make use of their conscious heart

In carrying out some of their unconscious actions

I wish to apply oil to their rigid thoughts

I wish I could just see them

Spit on their faces

I wish the voice in my terrified heart could be heard

But it’s now too late for me to get those things done


What a stain to the world of humanity

I wish the heart of their parents will be strong enough

In beholding this huge rough


The death of the innocent ones

Our future leaders

Our next generation

The hope of our tomorrow

Been massacred




I hail thee

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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