the worst story

My dear children are been killed

In the name of what they know not about

The children I suffered so much upon

In making them grow to what they are in now

Before this tragic even occurred

My children screamed and shouted

While these beasts in human clothing stand at their corridor

Laughing eccentrically

Giggling unconventionally

In the name of about to accomplish the mission which has been giving to them


It’s a shame on me the father

Not able to hear the cry of this children of mine

Even though when I am distance from them

Should I then say our bonding is not strong enough


The shooting and massacre was so tensed

I heard the sound of a machete  on the cranium of my little ones

They were crying and wailing at same time

Been drenched with their innocent blood

These beast keep shouting at the top of their voice

While these operation was going on

The whole area was painted with the blood of my little children

And I as a father was no where to be found,

I wonder the kind of thought

I kept in this little heart  of my children

It’s just so painful


Dear little children

You wanted all the best

You loved to be different from the rest

You dreamt about making a zest

I showed you the right pathway to success

Which is no other than education


I am so sorry

Never knowing I was signing your death warranty

My sweet little angels

I love you

You are now thinking in the realms of elders

I wish I could wish the witches wishes



Sweet angels

From a troubled daddy

_Meshileya Israel_


What a world

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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