to my first LOVE

To my first LOVE


Love at first sight is something so real

Without even a need for heal

Always will I feel

The impact of this first LOVE


The moment I came out from that hidden place

Where no man can’t describe the scenario been performed

You are the first I set my eyes upon

Also the first that told me “it will be alright”


Words can’t describe how dear  you are to me

Descriptions can never describe you

I wish you could see the joy in my hear right now

Just because of the yarimayama you caused

Even if today is not been celebrated everyday

Everyday will I want to celebrate the reason for all days


A woman of honour indeed

Who sacrificed her enjoyment

Just to put smile on my troubled face

A woman of tribute

Who is ready to go that extra mile

Just for me to be able to know all what worth knowing


I will forever have you in my tiny heart

Even though when things appear to be difficult

The moment I recollect that gorgeous smile you put on your beautiful day

On that great day

At that painful moment

Which I was struggling to come out

To see what you are capable of doing (as a mother to me)

To enjoy what you are enjoying


Also to live and forever put smile on that wonderful face of yours

Even though nature won’t permit us to be together forever

Never will I miss a second

When it comes to thinking about you

Minutes can never be enough

In writing the philosophy about you

Who then is hour

If I am to talk about you

Where will I see day

If I am to describe you

Can months ever show up

If I am permitted in writing your biography

Where is years

If I am to make mention of the good deeds which you have done


Hmmm, can I ever be short of words

Whenever your thoughts run through the thinnest vein of my veins


Dear fantastic fabulous friendly flourishing flowered feminal feminine

I forever will always tell the world about you



Happy mothers day

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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