to all mothers out there

It’s such a great privilege

Having a Nobel laureate in caring like you do

Talking right from the first instance I met with you

I felt so honored

All in the name of been excited


Meeting a personality like you,

Without filling in a lot of blank spaces

On whatsoever form




Trying to voice out the contents in my heart

It seems words are scared of defining you

Verses refuse to outline your personality


The moment I entered into that calm office of yours

I felt a great coldish shock in me

Am not into exaggeration

Or maybe saying what worth not

The shock which I am yet to know the main reason of

Has been the main reason of my inspiration


I have been tamed by nature

Into publicizing

the reality

Which I have jailed in my heart

Quite long a time

Meeting with you for the first time

I saw a calm face

Endowed with a slight little smile

As if it has no ending

Where you can see

The reasons for caring

In which beholds kindness

Where wisdom lays all night

All in the name of listening to the wise words

Been acted by YOU



I was lost in the land of pondering

All in the name of wondering


I was lost into brooding

The main reason

why you just love to keep this smile of yours afresh

Even though things seem to be uncomfortable

You still try your possible best

In wearing this smile of yours like a cloth

I guess I won’t injure myself with smile


You are such a prodigious woman

Whose words of encouragement has always radiating just like the morning star


Is this a panegyric?

Why should it even be?

I will rather accept this

As a manner

Of voicing out the contents,

Which has been bred inside of me

For a very long a time


I wish we have more laureates in gentleness like you

Surely the world would have advanced than it is now

I know for sure there are always reason behind everything

All in the name of making one thing


With all due respect ma,

I will like to forward a mail directly to you

Which is no other than telling this to you




I tried believing you are a mother of all

But simply will I like you

to be a special mother of mine

I never will want to compare myself with the rest


I believe

having you by my side

Will simply make me more than the best

Right from the day I set my eyes on you

Nature has been disturbing me

Into taking this step

What a great privilege it is

Meeting a virtuous woman like you


I love to write more about you

But was lost in the thought of thinking

Even if I try

Encyclopaedia can never twig your description











About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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