to my lovely yet to know daughter

Dear lovely daughter

What I love to tell you now,

I guess no other father can tell it to other daughter what I am about to tell you

Dear wonderful damsel

Whose content can never be comprehended

A mother to be

Whose intelligence can never be compared

You are such a girl

Meant to create a change

Even when others are murmuring

You should develop yourself

In speaking out your mind

Even when others are complaining

Never you try to compare yourself with them


You should help in creating a solution

To whatever problem that might seem difficult to them

Never because others are doing it

Try to be like them

But you should try as much as possible

To be the best which you think you can be

Never you talk much about others

Never you talk much about yourself

You can simply leave that aspect for others to jostle about

You are far greater than comprehension lovely daughter

You are a noble personality

Never you because of selfish desire

Mis-place your dignity

Never you because of today’s enjoyment

Throw your future into a dungeon

Never you try to do things

All in the name of making other people see you

Never you criticize others

Even though you are been forced to do this

Try as much as possible in doing this in love

Never you fight with others


Let them see that love

In which I tried passing to you


Wherever you find yourself

You are much more than what people think you are

You can do whatever thing you think you can do

Cast away the word impossibility from you


Whatever thing you think

Shall surely be established

No matter what might influence that thought

Remember what I am telling you today

Don’t just listen to my words

But try as much as possible

In putting each of the letter

Into practise

And greatness shall definitely be your portion

You are more than them

Yes I see you are capable

Of doing all of those things that are currently


In that kind


Of yours

See you soon


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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