why should you give up

Should I give up 2

This is a question I have been lamenting on

It seems it was even right from the day I was born

I wish I could just understand the reason for this one

Which has been stealing away every of my fun

Even though I try much as possible in faking a smile

I am always left with no other option

Than to ask the same question

Should I give up

Why should I even give up I pondered

How will I give up I wondered

Must I put all of the blames on my environment

Or maybe to point finger at the government

Robbing me of all my entitlement


I should simply put all the blame on my own self

Always preferring the lesser things compared to the greater one

Leaving the tougher things for other to do

But warning them strictly to leave the simpler one for me to do

Whenever they now start to enjoy the fruit of their labour

Then I start to ooze as if I were to be a harbour

Waiting for an unmerited favour

Thinking I might come across a savour

Casting me in the doom of no other thought than the thought of

Should I give up

I wish the wish the witches never will wish

Wanting everything to turn good for only me

Turning myself into a god for everyone to worship

Making them always call me no other word than perfect and doing every of mine dictatorship

Turning myself in to the only sailor who can ride all ships

And no one should dare competing

Or else the are warranting their death warrant

Still in my thought which is full of fallacy

Studying the lifestyle I am living

And the people the people I call as my best friend

The way they reason sometime always want me to curse this nature

Telling to myself I wish every one could just wish every of my wish

Thinking every of my thought

Living accordingly to what I live

Maybe I will stop to think of no other thought than to give up

But it seems I am just trying to make things so sugary

Which might later make me live a life of regret

While living and wailing in diabetes

Where poverty has turned into a best friend of mine

Then I will start to look for the best way to give up

Guess there won’t be need of thinking of same thought

Which is no other than



About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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