today is my mum’s birthday, but she is no where to be found

Even though she never waited to hear this

Even though she spent all her time,

Just to hear this from me

Even though she sacrificed all

So as just to make me the best

Far different from the rest

Even though sometimes,

I just so feel stingy

In caring for myself alone

Even though she never left me a chance

Or gave me an opportunity

Of pro-feeling what I am feeling now

Even though she has so much occupied everything about me

Living me with no choice that thinking about her everyday

Even though she was my first love

Even though I caused her a lot of pain

But she still smiled at me

The moment I started to cry

Even though I hated her to her face

But still kept it as a secret

Even though she always want me

Never to participate in whatever she knew won’t be of use for me

Even though she was the first inspiration I ever had

Even though she left me alone

Knowing I couldn’t cope without her

Even though she strived to live

During the most painful moment of her days

Even though she put her trust on those around

So they could take care of me

Even though she lost a lot

All in the name of just making me achieve a lot


I have never felt so lonely and cold

The way I am feeling presently

I wish you gave me the chance

In pouring out the content of my heart

I wish you were here with me

So you can just touch my left cheek with your soft hands

Even though they are so hard whenever it comes to disciplining me

I wish you could make use of that your sweet mouth once again

Maybe you can just kiss away my loneliness

So as for me to regain the lost strength of mine

I wish I could just write away

The pain I am going through right now

Even though you are not around

I have never in once seconds forget anything about you

DEAR mum,


I just begin to wonder



Why you should just leave me so soon

I wish you were about to win that battle then

Even though due to my childish act

I thought I was opportune to do whatsoever thing

When you are not around

Even though after the incident

When my little brother was asked


His reply was:


She is with Jesus presently

But she will soon be right back


It was just like yesterday

The events that happened

When the world around forced you to enter where you do not want to enter

When you were be told you have no space with us again


That’s simply where you deserve to stay

Since you are just so weak

In fighting over the cause of what just trucked my heart


Even though you are not here

I can surely feel your presence over here

After taking a cool shower

I felt your great touch

I heard your consoling words

You are just the best person to be around with always

I love you mum

Enjoy your nap at the bosom of the saviour

See you soon



About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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