To my lovely SON and wonderful brothers outside there




Thank goodness for the world around today

I am just been confused


It is sometimes called fun

But looking at it from the other way round

It’s totally out of fun


Dear son and lovely brothers

I will like to whisper little words to your hearing

About the latest trend in town

Though you might see me as the old fashioned type


I will take it as a compliment


It’s just about those around you

Those who are always been updated with the slightest change in town

They have everything you can call something

But remember

THING is common in both SOMETHING and NOTHING


They will come to you

Telling you the best way to feel your morale

Or to feel full-fledged

Is you going high

The first time I heard the word high

I was like….wow,

this will surely be a great invention

Until I was able to get the meaning

Of the kind of thing they are talking about

I simply have to be vomiting fumes

Inhaling smoke

Burning trees

And turning myself into a machine

That consumes the fume

Oh God have mercy

Am I turning into something else with my thought?

Or maybe I am dreaming

I wish I never heard this kind of development

Not only even that

MEN are now turning themselves into WOMEN


I hope I won’t be confused later on


There was a time

In which I saw one of my man

Coming same pathway which I was passing

I pick to my heel

And noticed this man was after me…

I was so scared to the extent of increasing the speed of which I was running

How I wish I was placed on a competition that day

I would have set a record which no one can ever break

Reason been

The friend I used to know

Has turned himself into a mad man

Just because of the kind of hair he was putting on then

Oh my God

It was been called the latest trend in town


what did I just hear now?


My generation

You are just so more than words


My dear son

I hope you will understand my little story

They are ready to lure you into anything

Just to get something from you


Since their own has already been misplaced

They are ready to pay any dime

In robbing you of yours


Be at alert

These kinds of beings

Are watching you right now

They are pretending to wear a smiling face

But inside of them is hotter than hell

See you soon son

It seems this friend of mine has turned on again

Catch you later


“argh!!!!!!………he is smiling at me…… for your life”


My little words for my handsome SON and great BROTHERS outside there

© Meshileya Israel 2014

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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