to my son who just got admission to the so called citadel of learning

Dear son
I will also like you to experience
What I know as experience back then in school
When I was staying on campus
All in the name of the program which I was running
In the so called higher institution

Lot of distraction will surely tread same pathway you want to walk
It now depends on the way
You try to attend to this distraction
It might be from those you are living with
From the friends of those you are staying with
What I will like you to remember
Just try never to forget that personality which you are made up of
Friend will always want to influence you
No matter what you think you are
They will always want to make you
Simply just like them
It’s is now left for you
To be able to discern the wrong from the good
They might bring the wrong as right to you
Just never forget the son of whom you are
I will like you to go there
Make a change
Influence your environment
Never you think of putting on the garment of pride
But rather
Do everything in humility
Which I know will surely take you to those places
Which are far more than you expectations
Thanks dear son


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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