i am the killer of my own time

Every minute
Every seconds
I am always been drunk with ideas
But my major problem now is that
I am serious scared of failing
I think I can
Although I am right
I just don’t want to work hard
In putting into reality
All of the things I think I am thinking
Everything is possible
It’s only I have no time to practise all what I know
The world around me is becoming smarter than me
All what I can just do is simply to follow the rules blindly
Not trying to make a change to my environment
But keep seeing reasons to criticizing my environment
So as to always see myself as the saintest of all
Seeing myself as the most holy
I am never ready to move forward
All in the name of the satisfaction I derive from my present action
I just can’t see the bright future
In helping the people around see their auctions

Should I now quit when I get tired
Or see the reasons of me never to give up
Although the tides might be tough
Should I now abandon each of my plans
The world around me needs me
If they do not
Then what is the essence of living
What is the purpose my surviving
I ought to put the fact
Of helping those around
Seeing all the reason
They have in making the world a better place to live
This might sound impossible
But everything is surely possible
If we are to go by the rules of science
And the properties of weight
How then is it possible for an airplane
To float in the air-less air

Just because I want to be part of them
Should I then be like them
Judge things like them
Reach a stage
Get married
Give birth to children
Take care of them
Then die
What then is the major purpose of me coming to this world
Just to come and give birth
Or #
To come and impact life around me
Should I put myself in that high seat of confusion
Whereby those around will always be having that question
Which I am meant to create a solution for
Just because of the manner of my reasoning
I can never auction
Any of the functions
Guiding the solution which I have
I see myself as the best
But love to live like the rest


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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