Emergency letter to my children

I see no fun in it children
When it makes you think less about your future

I see no wisdom in it
When for sure you will later regret it

Never will I understand the reason
Behind you falling
Just because of the trial you were been deceived to were as a garment
You now stained your name

I see no greatness in it son
When it present you as an animal

I see no moral in it daughter
When it makes you not different from a bitch

My wonderful kids
Why! Why!! Why!!
have I offended you in any way?
Why will you want to pay me back with all of these things
Why will you want to tarnish the image of a great father like me
Why will you want to commit this entire atrocity, just to make me die before my time
Why will you just pull the strong hold of my trust in you down

This is just so unfair,
Must you satisfy the wants of your friends always
Just because you want to feel among
You are now indulging yourself in things that are just making me regret
Ever living
Dear children
I know for sure you are capable of becoming a greater you
Think of development
Not of destruction
Think of achievement
Not of obliteration
Think of helping others
Not of been a snitch to them
I believe in you
I trust you
I hope you will also trust me back
By refraining the path which you are headed onto
So as to tread on the pathway
Which leads to greatness
I love you my dear children
You are simply the best


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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