Dear children of valour
I so much appreciate your existence
Without you
I guess I would be nothing
I may be troublesome sometimes
But is just to get out the best in you
I promised never to be harsh on you
Will always be strict when it comes to discipline
This is all in the name of making you the best
While the rest are only been referenced

Without much words
What I will like to share with you guys today is simply how you should live your life everyday
Although challenges will always come their way
Never give a chance to redirect you from the pathway to success
You will always feel intimidated,
But have a reason why you should always feel elated
They will always point the wrong finger at you
But let your heart be the one that will always make you right
Whenever you pass across their pathway,
They will always laugh at your dressing
Let them know the content which is in you
If far more than the clothing you put on.
Never see the bad in others
But always appreciate the good
You will want to see in them
The ones
You are seeing in them

Dear awesome children of mine
The word is running faster everyday
Some of your friends will be greater than you
This is truth
But if you want to prevent that
The level of your thought should be far greater than theirs
My wonderful children
The words right now in my heart are so fast at speed
In which if not because I am in a hurry in penning them down
I won’t be able to have a good communication with you

Dear lovely children
I may not be in that position
Of making your ensemble the best
Whenever you are among your peer group
Here I am
To make you get more than what they can get
All what you need presently is just to focus
Where you will find determination
In which seriousness and dedication will be your pledge.

Never give a room for failure
But always get excuses for your success
Give apologies for your great achievement
Provide pretext for the genius which can only be found in you
You are the best thing that ever happened to me
I hope to see you soon
I love YOU
Remain the best you have always been


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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