Sorry it was not Lust

Always will I love you
Never will I try to have a lust
Worthless will I continue to see it
Whenever you try your possible best in making me fall

Who are you then
To steal my pride away
Just because others are doing it
You now think I will fall for it
I love you so much
But sorry it was not a lust
Although your definition for love might be quite different
I so much appreciate your level of understanding
I thought you really knew me
Because I so much detest the reason of been like the crowd
I am so sorry friend
All I see is not love from you
Even though you see it as love
I see it as hiding under lust
I wish you are able to see the sincerity in me
I really appreciate the time we shared together
Now I have to let you go
Never will I want to fall a victim
I love you so much
Sorry it was not a lust


About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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