the hunter turned the hunted

Before he was been appointed
The hunter promised much more than
Before he was even elected
The hunter gossiped much more than
He can even at least think of

Just because of a little threat
Everything turned around and get to worse
We noticed fear and panic
Running through the hunter’s vein
I hope the hunter is not been hunted

He beat his chest to give us confidence
He raised his voice to give us assurance
He frowned his face to give us morale
The hunter is now the hunted
What else can we talk about?

Just yesterday
A little threat was given
We lay out trust on fairy terror
Accepted his virtual boldness
He flew away in seconds
The hunter is now at large
Who then will shepherd us?

Why should he make much promise?
Which he can never even accomplish
Just because of power and greed
He put our life at stake and lust
Everything is getting worse and bad
The hunter is getting good and fat
The hunter is yet to accomplish
At least one of his promises
We know not what else to do
The hunter is now abscond

Tell the hunter to give up
He knows he is incapable
Even no good one wish to volunteer
Let’s not vow the assumed bad ones
We have seen a lot
We have heard a lot
We can accomplish much more
When we all turn our thoughts around
Just to helping each other grow

The hunter is now the hunted
Where else can we now run to?

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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