Welcome to this new generation of ours

I welcome you all to this new generation of ours
Finding it so difficult to read what seems long to them
This is getting worrisome everyday
Everybody has embarked into a scary race
We now live under rules and regulations
Pledging and vouchsafing the survival of the fittest

I wonder and asked myself some questions
Is this the way we are all meant to live?
Is this the way we all wish to die?
Is this the way we’ve all been programmed?
Is it that we are been controlled by a power which we know not?

I’m just so worried
Has the word care turned into extinct?
I guess the word love has turned into beast
We no longer attend to other people’s worry
We have all embarked into a race now I see
Running away from our own shadow has turned into a norm

I welcome you all into this new generation
Where we have all the time to watch whatsoever on screen
But have not time for our loved ones trepidations
Why do all those channels not change all our woes?
Why won’t all those entertainers change our cataclysm?

We are so addicted into figures I say
Giving all our power and might into worshiping greed
We now connect at the click of a mouse
We know not much about the person living next door

Welcome to the era of emails and mobiles
Giving us not the chance in seeing our loved one’s smile
Scared of staying outside all night
Preventing the scenario of been robbed and attacked

The stars are getting smaller I say
The moon is getting smaller I see
No one has the chance in appreciating them again
We are only concerned with what we will benefit from

Let’s live to make each other happy
Let’s live to raise each other up
Let’s live to make each other see reasons
Why they should always wake up in the morning
With heavy smiles on their overstressed face

We are human
I know we are human
We are not perfect
All these can still be achieved
In ONE love and unity I say
Much more than our imaginations can still be achieved
© Meshileya Israel

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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