To the church women

It’s of a great delectation
Celebrating stupendous women we have here
Women whose manner of reasoning is upright,
Whose style of utterances are arête,
Women who gives no room for dishonesty
No chance for depravity
And the foundation of their reasoning is laid on the solid rock of loyalty

To the little understanding which I have
I say
Womanity is not all about been perfect and flawless
But more about been diligent and understanding
Encompassed with forgiveness and repentance
Daring, loving, caring and also sharing

To be known as a virtuous woman…
We have no other option than to serving God whole heartedly
Giving respects to our wonderful husbands
Teaching the marvellous children the way of Christ
Nurturing and feeding the family with the love of Christ
Discipline the children with love and wisdom
And also
Extending all of these to the society around.

A virtuous woman gives no room for PROCRASTINATION
This from the beginning has been known as the killer of time
No tolerance for IMMORALITY
This is now eating the flesh of the youths around

Women, women.. They say is the beauty of the world
What then is our beauty if our children are out of control?
What then is our beauty?
If our husband keeps complaining about our character
What then is our beauty?
If our neighbour sees us and run

Today is a day which ought to always be remembered
The action which the wonderful woman takes henceforth,
Sharpens the life of the young ones
With many more virtuous women around
Much more than our imagination can be accomplished
We love you most
Hope you will love us back
To answer this
It starts from your next action

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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