To the fathers

What else can we say,
If there is a gathering without a leader?

What are the things likely to be accomplished,
If there are plans without a mentor?

We will just be like an empty vessel
Deceiving the masses around us
Into believing all our acts of fibbing

Sitting down on a lonesome chair
While deep in my thought
I asked myself a disturbing question
This question is so easy to ask
But so difficult to answer
I tried ponder and wondering with my little thought
Fathers are not meant to be just MEN
But they ought to be mighty MEN

With the little understanding which I have,
A father should possess more than these little idiosyncrasies of mine;
A father should be a good disciplinarian,
Who is always open-minded.
One who cares for his family,
And never will he neglect them.
Always leading by example,
Avoiding strange women
Will also rejoice with the wife of his youth age

A father who is always full of excuses
Even when he knows he has failed the trust of his loved ones
Should never be given a seat to sit
He has disappointed the label of been known as one

A father who gives no room for correction
Always wanting to be right
Should never be called for
Even if he admits but refuses to change

A father who wakes up in the middle of the night for work
Without a word with his wife and children
Only to come back late in the night for the food on the dining table
And to continue with his normal routine
Giving more references to work than the family you are supposed to take care of
Even though it’s a responsibility which you can’t run away from
Try as much as possible to know more about those you are always leaving at home for work
When you get to a particular age
They are simply the ones to care of you
You are not meant to stay with the company or organization for life
Only your family can accommodate and recognize you for life

Always put God first in whatsoever you do
Never you corrupt the name of the family you built
You are MAN
Yes you are MAN
The world don’t just need ordinary MEN to Move or March forward
It needs mighty MEN who can be called FATHERS
And I simply know
We have Mighty MEN also known as fathers here
If you are yet to see yourself as one
You need not to be called ONE

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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