My daughter is now trying to be older than her mother

I simply know we are in the new generation
Whereby children are allowed to do whatever they want
Interfering in their thought is a thing of the past
In which we parents can even be jailed for
That’s not enjoyment daughter,
That’s so far from it
Don’t be smarter than the one who begat you
She is still your mother… remember?

You once stood to her face asking her, her age
Just because you want to make her feel old
So you are still the one with the fresh brain and experience
She knows more than you do daughter
She is your mother daughter
That even prompted me into asking questions
What gave you that courage and boldness into doing that?
Making your mother feel so sad
This is such a bad feelings daughter
Do not be arrogant

She tried more than enough
Just in making you the best thing in the world
She used all of her experiences
And the lesson she learnt from her mistakes
Just in making you perfect
You made her feel bad and guilty
Just because she allowed your so called friends influence you
You are now becoming superior
Remember…she is still your mother

Don’t be smarter daughter
Do not even try to be wiser
I know you know what we your parents do not even know
That shouldn’t make you feel older than we the parents
Go back to your room and cry out loud to her hearing
Let her know how bad it is
Yelling at the one who cared for you the most
I know you won’t disappoint my trust in you…
Go now before it’s too late

I love you daughter
Go do the right thing
Before you get me heart-broken
I will keep on loving you
Message from a great father to be
I love you daughter
Never try to be older

© Meshileya Israel, 2014

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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