Caught with surprise
Filled with amazement
The love I have for you surpasses
Any form and style of bewilderment

You are a backbone, ‘darling’
Forever will I continue to appreciate the reason behind this
Although pride almost got me bended
When I saw you walking up to me with that white hat of yours

I was shocked with fear and tremble
Asking myself
“Has my hobby turned out to be a cow boy overnight?”
Still choked in my own thought and filled with fear
I saw you coming towards where I was sitting
Crawling with both kneels on ground looking straight into my eyes
I opened my mouth wide and almost teared
Are we about to break up or what? Was all what I could tackle with fear

I never knew you were so much into me like this
I never expected this kind of love and care from you
You make me drenched in my own tears with smile
Having a man so funny and caring around

Pouring out the content in me is just like everlasting
Couldn’t count the joy and bliss
Our togetherness has caused
You are just more than the word love which I wanted
I love you and will surely continue to doing this
You are more than the word perfect; yes I am sure of this

I am ready for whatsoever imperfection which may arise
I promise to let this go… without a doubt in me
Never will I take a fight all through the night
Even though you are the reason for this
I promise to always be the first to apologise

You look just too more than composition
And I promise you more than lot of comprehension
I promise to understand every form of misunderstanding
I love you sweetie … take it from me
Thanks for triggering this…just so strange and cute
I am filled with joy
Presently feeling on top of the world

Thanks for been into the story yet to be written
I love you right from the deepest part of me

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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