getting towards the end of the year

It’s now getting towards the end of the year
I know not maybe to be happy or sad

I am getting older and weaker daily
I know not maybe to merry or worry

Every day is always like yesterday
Full of regrets and procrastination
Now it’s getting tougher and stronger
I know not maybe to give up or continue

I am tired of complains and protests
I am tired of same old story (full of compunction)
I am tired of my environment (soaked with blood of the innocents)
I am tired of everything…yes I say

Even though I want everything to be changed
How close am I to change?
Even though I want everything to be easy
How strong and capable am I to success?
I kept complaining without checking inside of me
I kept judging without compliment
I wonder why everything should be good since I am bad
Now it towards the end of year which I know for sure
Where will this change of mine come from …… (So worried in depress)

It all starts from my self-discipline
If I am ready
Maybe am always carried away with time
This is for sure

If I want to change the world
It all begins within me
I should change my mentality and castigate my thoughts
Instead of critics, I should compliment
Instead of judging I should correct
Instead of stealing, I should ask
Instead of worry, I should merry
Instead of lying, I should ask for forgiveness
Instead of fornicating, I should write
Instead of adultery, I should paint
Everything can surely be controlled, yes I say

It all begins from me..even though I want it badly (changing the world)
I know I can do it…yes I can
Only if I am ready
I know I can

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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