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what’s the real defintion of campaign?

What is the real meaning of campaigning? The real definition of campaigning is getting me stocked up in thoughts With the way Election Day is moving closer The definitions on media is so alarming Making us occupied in thoughts and … Continue reading

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to all my friends and foes out there

sometimes, you just feel so lonely nailed upon the cross of been sorry sometimes, you are just lost in your own thought thinking the world cares not a dime sometimes, you feel so bad worse would even be an understatement … Continue reading

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it’s gonna be alright

this is sometimes, a difficult word to take in when things won’t just work well for you sometimes, you feel so sad and hard people seeing you as the greatest failure they ever knew friends turning enemy overnight just because … Continue reading

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today is my birthday, i just have to share this little speech

getting older everyday… makes me feel kinda kind of shy getting stronger everyday makes me feel so proud and and happy… sometimes, you are just be left alone with all of the thoughts you can think of you would think … Continue reading

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i thought i could handle you as a friend

I thought I could handle you as a friend You never told me what I would later experience I thought we are just meant to be friends But you stepped more than the boundaries been set I warned you…and later … Continue reading

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Today is my birthday, and these are my pledges

Never will I involve myself in things I would later regret Never will I try deluding anyone whose trust abides in me Never will I say No ..but will always be straight with whatever thing I say Never will I … Continue reading

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everything is possible

never will i believe something is impossible without having to separate the i and m from the impossible all what i need is hard work and focus which will definitely be nailed on the cross of determination i know i … Continue reading

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