what’s the real defintion of campaign?

What is the real meaning of campaigning?

The real definition of campaigning is getting me stocked up in thoughts
With the way Election Day is moving closer
The definitions on media is so alarming
Making us occupied in thoughts and prayers
What is the real purpose of campaigning?
Permit me to ask my silly question

Without many words, I did like to pour out my mind
What is the real need for election?
When we refuse to move forward
What is the real need for this act?
Since we are so lazy to think right
We find ourselves in grieves
And agony
But pretend it’s well,
equated with smiles
Praying and wailing for the day what we want will come
Forgetting all about the steps and acts which are meant to be involved

I appreciate all our act of positivity
So much ignoring the aspect of working
We believe mere words without actions
Trusting lies and bastardizing facts
What is the real purpose of election?
I am yet to understand
What seems so simple to the black liars

They come to us in white garment
Saying all of the sweet talks which they know of
Telling us about the upgrades to be done in our institutions
Never giving their own children the chance in studying there
They tell to us the dry bone of security will resurrect
Still, the guards guiding them all around are more than numbers
The issue of light would be talked as been done
Never have they experienced the real meaning of what it meant to be dark and in heat
The tell to us all about water and foods
They find it so difficult to just fast and pray
What then is the real purpose of this election?
I am tired and feeling so lonely and sick

What’s even the purpose of election again?
Since all what the known leaders are concerned about is their own bad labelling
Just because one wants to succeed
He finds it so easy in painting the other bad
Giving every lame reasons why he/she should be punished
Without a reason of working close to each other and helping themselves grow
Thinking they could survive been a lone warrior
Forgetting the fact we are all humans not meant to be perfect
Putting the lives of the innocent ones on pawn
Playing it with choice without even a blink

I wonder if our leaders know the meaning of what they are doing
Putting the life of the mass at a beasty stake
The outside world finds it so difficult to relate with us
All in the name of the election and appointment
Giving from us to the power mongers

What then is the real meaning of campaign?
This is simply what I am yet to even be sure of

I hope it’s not a manner of abusing
Whereby curses would be flowing all around
All in the name of selfishness and greediness
Now I am confused …just like what I know not about

What is the real definition of campaign?
Please friends….help me tell it to me
  

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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